Following reports of multiple spray-painted arrows appearing at the Majjistral Park and other areas in the Maltese Islands, the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) has worked together with the Police Force on an investigation to identify the offenders.

Once identified, this morning ERA enforcement officers and the Police made the responsible party prove that the markings and signs made, which were sprayed as directional aids for a series of races, were removable by water. The event organiser, which is a French organisation, has been instructed to remove all its signs by Friday night and it is cooperating. The complete removal of these signs will be assured by the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) together with the Police Force and with the Majjistral Park rangers in relation to signs within that Park.

Further action will be considered if the signs are not removed within the stipulated timeframes.

To avoid future instances the organisers have been informed on the proper practice to be followed when organising such events.

ERA would like to recall that organised activities within protected areas under the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549) may require a prior permit from the Authority and organisers are encouraged to consult with ERA to determine whether a permit for their activity is required.

For further information or enquiries, one can refer to or contact ERA by telephone on
2292 3500.

In the case of permitting related queries or permit submissions kindly communicate via e-mail on [email protected]

26 August  2020