The Environment and Resources Authority has launched an initial public consultation on Malta’s National Strategy and Action Plan for Pollinators 2035.

This policy will establish the national framework to drive and promote the safeguarding of pollinator species and their services through short and long-term actions. Pollinators are very important to the environment and to build its resilience to climate change.

Nearly 90% of wild flowering plants, depend on pollination to survive and thrive, as are many cultivated fruits and vegetables. This means that our environment, food chains and wellbeing are also dependent on such species. Malta has various pollinators, including many small animals like bees, wasps, ants, beetles, flies, midges, butterflies, moths, thrips, as well as birds and small mammals.

The Strategy and Action Plan also aims:

  • to improve our understanding of key pollinators;
  • to develop targets and actions for their management, also addressing pressures and threats impacting pollinators;
  • to contribute to the safeguarding of pollination services even beyond its contribution to the environment; and
  • to raise awareness, promote collaboration, and engage the relevant stakeholders, such as local entities and society-at-large.

ERA is inviting the public to submit its comments and feedback on the intent and objectives of the strategy, to guide the process for the development of such Strategy and Action Plan. The consultation will also determine what actions are considered as priorities to safeguard Malta’s pollinators by 2035, and how the public can contribute to this objective.

Submissions can be sent through the feedback form or by email on [email protected] by Monday, 13th March 2023.

The consultation documents and other related information is available here.

24 February 2023