The Spencer Gardens project has entered a new phase and is currently closed to the public due to health and safety reasons. The gardens are undergoing rehabilitation and embellishment works intended to create a new public garden allowing for more open, sustainable spaces with appropriate green facilities for the public.

The project includes the establishment of new gardens, with native trees and plants. The new gardens will be thematic and include different levels. The project will also see the introduction of appropriate green infrastructure, the construction of reservoirs to harvest rainwater, a new irrigation system, energy-efficient lighting powered by solar panels and sound barriers along its perimeter. Access to the garden will be improved, while new CCTV cameras will ensure added security for visitors. Spencer Gardens will also comprise a new tree nursery, which will be used to grow a local tree stock for afforestation projects.

67 additional native trees and other indigenous plants and species will be planted. The new garden is planned to be opened to the public in 2024, with many more trees and plants than there are now, to gradually establish a greener, more sustainable environment in this urban area.

The current works are intended to improve the overall ecosystem and ensure better use of resources, including water use, and the planting of more appropriate species that are better adapted to the local climate regime. This project will also serve as an example of how green infrastructures should be managed in urban areas whilst also shedding light on how we can protect biodiversity and manage invasive alien species as set out by international laws.

Spencer Gardens Render 2023
Spencer Gardens Render 2023

For health and safety reasons, access to Spencer Gardens will be temporarily closed and the public is urged to use alternative routes.

15th May 2023