The Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) holds a launch event for its Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP) project entitled ‘Reform and Capacity-Building in Permitting and Compliance at ERA. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the European Commission and IMPEL.

This project will continue to strengthen the reform process in the environment sector through improving and optimising regulatory capacity for permitting, compliance and enforcement at ERA.

It intends to support ERA in its efforts to strengthen regulatory processes and meet the demands expected of the environmental regulator, which will in turn contribute to the national socio-economic goals by enabling environmental regulation that does not put undue burden on businesses and operators whilst improving quality of life in the islands.

The project is comprised of three main components;

• Assessment – In which an assessment of the current system will be taking place, closely followed by the proposition of a roadmap for change.
• Capacity-Building – In which a training needs assessment will be undertaken to develop a made to measure training programme which will then be delivered to ERA officials.
• & Information Management – In which internal systems will be developed to manage information in an increasingly efficient manner.

Once completed the project will strengthen the environmental regulator, ensuring activities respect environmental parameters and build capacity within the Environment Permitting Unit and the Compliance and Enforcement Directorate, ultimately, reinforcing the development of a stronger environmental regulator.