The ERA Board has issued €5,600 in waste related fines for four cases which have been contested in the past few weeks.

The ERA Board confirmed the issuing waste-related fines which were contested by the responsible parties.

The fines were issued for several cases concerning waste incineration as follows:

  • Case 1 was related to waste incineration that was taking place in the countryside where a fire with large plumes of black smoke was blazing whilst the mixed waste, which included documents, files and folders as well as plastic toys, was being incinerated. The responsible person was identified and instructed to clear the site of any remaining burnt debris. An administrative fine of €1,200 was issued on the contravener for incineration of waste.
  • Case 2 happened in the southern part of Malta where an administrative fine of €1,400 was imposed following a find of bed springs, polystyrene and other mixed waste being incinerated, including a large, old television set which falls under WEEE waste.

The ERA Board also decided on two fines issued for waste carrier operators:

  • The first fine amounting to €1,200 each, were imposed on a waste carrier who deposited only part of the collected bulky waste at a Civic Amenity Site and drove off with the remaining waste on his vehicle. This is not allowed by the relevant Waste Consignment Notes that regulate these activities.
  • The second fine amounting to €600, was issued to an operator caught carrying waste without a valid waste carrier permit. ERA instructed the operator to regulate himself and apply for a permit, but he failed to do so within the stipulated timeframe. The fine was consequently imposed.

Since the beginning of the year, ERA has issued 80 fines for similar waste infringements, adding up to a total of €94,120. To date, 30 of these fines have been contested. Half of these appeals were presented before the ERA Board for its consideration, and only one was subsequently upheld. The rest of the fines were confirmed.

It is to be kept in mind that any waste storage, management – including waste incineration of waste, are illegal except if authorised by ERA under pre-set conditions. Only vegetation waste can be burnt, and only in certain areas.

26th May 2023