Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta 2021-2030

Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta 2021 – 2030

​Approval date: September 2021

Single-use plastic products (SUPs) are products that are made wholly or partly from plastic and that are not conceived, designed or placed on the market to accomplish, within its life span, multiple trips or rotations by being returned to a producer for refill or re-used for the same purpose for which it was conceived.

These products are present in many aspects of our daily activities and they constitute an important element of our economy. However, since SUPs are intended to be used only once, they respond to the principles of the take-make-waste model, which goes against the concept of circular economy. Furthermore, they tend to be littered and have low rates of recovery and recycling when compared with other recyclables (i.e. paper, metals and glass).

The Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta 2021-2030 – Rethink Plastic – contains 24 measures that aim at reducing the consumption of certain single‑use plastic products, and increasing the quality and quantities of plastic waste collected for recycling. The implementation of these measures will further assist Malta to move towards a more circular model, in line with the European Union’s and national principles, as well as to protect our environment and human health from plastic pollution.

The first SUPs strategy Malta – Rethink plastic – is a framework acting as a driver that is also intentioned to bring about a cultural and behavioural shift within society in terms of its attitude toward SUPs. This will ensure that a cultural shift takes place and that the public are aware of the potential benefits that moving away from SUPs can have on their everyday life. Providing only a change in legislation does not ensure compliance and will not bring about the essential behavioural change to yield positive results.

The strategy is a living document which shall be updated as new challenges emerge and to ensure that it caters for any change in society’s attitude, as well as for innovative technologies, products or materials that might appear in the future.

This policy has been approved in line with Article 51 of the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549).


Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta 2021 – 2030 – Approved Policy

Intent and Objectives – Consultation Brief

Intent and Objectives​ – Public Consultation Submissions & Responses ​

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Draft Policy – Public Consultation Submissions & Responses​​

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