The Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) is not the competent authority for SEA. The competent authority for SEA in Malta is the SEA Focal Point within the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC). Guidance and advice on the implementation of SEA should be sought from the SEA Focal Point. Further information is available on

In accordance with the provisions of S.L. 549.61, ERA is identified as one of the Designated Authorities and a Responsible Authority.

Designated Authorities

The legal set-up for SEA establishes statutory consultees (legally referred to as “designated authorities”) which should be consulted by plan proponents, whether government or public authorities, throughout the SEA process. As a statutory consultee, ERA advises plan proponents on relevant environmental issues at the screening and scoping stages of the SEA process and comments on the SEA environmental report and draft plans and programmes.

ERA’s comments on past and current draft plans and programmes, referred to ERA through the SEA consultation route, are available from here.