Action on Illegal Deposit of Material on Land and Illegal Reclamation of Land Regulations, 2017

Improving the quality of our rural environment
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The Planning Authority in collaboration with the Environment and Resources Authority is publishing new draft regulations with the scope of improving the quality of our environment in rural areas.

These proposed regulations provide the legal framework to enable the proactive regeneration of areas which become the victim of illegal dumping or reclamation and have remained in a derelict state for a period of time.

Following the preparation of detailed studies to determine the appropriate method for the area’s regeneration, the new law will enable the Authorities to carry out habitat restoration projects in these areas. Projects could include the afforestation of such areas.

The full proposed regulations may be viewed either in English or in Maltese.

The Planning Authority and the Environment and Resources Authority invite individuals and organizations to send their representation pertaining to these draft regulations. Representations are to be made in writing and sent on email address: [email protected] and [email protected].

Submissions must reach the Authorities by Monday 22nd January 2018.