The Malta Environment Platform & Services (MEPS) is a shared environmental information platform developed by the Environment & Resources Authority to provide the public with the latest environmental spatial data. The MEPS presents and visualises complex data in a user-friendly manner, providing users with better access to high quality environmental information. It aims at facilitating and empowering citizens, businesses, academia, policy makers and NGOs to take conscious decisions and instigate changes when equipped with credible, regular and timely information about the state of the environment.

The platform includes several functions to facilitate the experience of users, such as search functions, measurement tools, drawing tools, the function to switch between viewing the map in the traditional basemap or orthophoto imagery as well as a tool to select the preferred scale of the map.

Click here to download the Basemap Legend.

Figure: The Concept behind the Malta Environment Platform & Services (MEPS)

Acknowledgement: The basemap, orthophoto and street centrelines have been provided by the Planning Authority and are licensed on behalf of the ©Mapping Unit, Planning Authority