ERA carried out an update to Malta’s Initial Assessment under the MSFD in 2019. The update was carried out on the basis of the data collected through the implementation of the MSFD monitoring programme (as part of EMFF 8.3.1) and other related data collection processes.

Malta’s final report, related annexes and supporting datasets were subsequently submitted the EU Commission in 2020. The report, which was subject to public and stakeholders’ consultation, indicates:

  1. ​the initial assessment and the determination of good environmental status, as provided for in Articles 8(1) and 9(1) respectively, and;
  2. the environmental targets established pursuant to Article 10(1).​



Final Report and Annexes 

Supporting Datasets

Intent and Objectives – Consultation Brief – Updated Assessment of Status, Good Environmental Status and Environmental Targets for Malta’s marine waters pursuant to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC (MSFD)

First Draft – Consultation Brief

Public Consultation Submissions & Responses