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Last amended: Fri., 01 September 2022

Order Details
Order Date:Tue., 19 July 2022
Order Status: Order Active.
Order type:Ordni ta' Konformità
Compliance Order
Location of Infringement:Fil-Lokalita ta' Ħal Tarxien.
Local Council:Ħal Tarxien.
Infringement in Maltese (Official):Obbligu li tiġbor l-iskart ta' l-ippakkjar skont ir-regolament 13 tar-Regolamenti dwar l-Ippakkjar u l-Iskart tal-Ippakkjar fil-Maniġġar tal-Iskart (L.S. 549.43)
Infringement Summary in English:Obligation to collect packaging waste as per Regulations.
Corresponding Investigation Case/s:
Parties subject to OrderGreen MT Limited
Contravention type:Collection of waste