Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations, 2018

​ERA is revising the Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations in order to protect an additional 14 tree species in the Maltese Islands protect trees in urban public open spaces and increase controls on activities and alien species which may harm trees. It is being proposed that persons carrying out interventions on protected trees, are licensed. Court penalties proposed have been increased particularly for those interventions concerning strictly protected trees.

The general public is invited to submit written comments on how, in their opinion, the proposed ‘Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations, 2018’ and the ‘Guidelines on Works involving Trees’ should be improved to protect and safeguard trees and woodlands in the Maltese Islands and regulate activities which have an affect thereon.

Documents may be viewed in either Maltese or English. Feedback should be received through the following channels until Thursday, 1st March 2018.

E-mail: [email protected] and / or

National Affairs
Environment & Resources Authority
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Public Submissions and Responses​