State of the environment reports (SOER) serve as an environmental management tool. SOER collects and analyses information and data relevant to the environment to judge a country’s/region’s performance in aspects of the environment that are improving and identify the areas that require further action. State of the environment reports gauge the performance of environment policy and can guide the decision making process.

State of Environment Reporting thus contributes to the environmental policy development process, connecting the dots towards solutions, and by bringing to the forefront and communicating key environmental issues and trends to readers from all walks of life. We all have the capacity to improve our environment. An increased awareness and understanding of the cogwheels churning principle environmental trends, provides brick and mortar for enhanced policy and decision making, for better environmental performance, and sustainable lifestyles.

For this reason regular periodic State of the Environment reporting has been taken up widely covering different geographical scales. Malta is participant and is covered by the following SOER mechanisms: