For the past four years, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has been organising the Buonamico Award. This is a yearly award-giving ceremony under the patronage of H.E. President of Malta to honour those individuals whose actions and achievements benefited our biodiversity and the environment.

This year, ERA is inviting the public to submit their nominations for individuals and entities (including private enterprises, local councils, or governmental or non-governmental organisations) who may merit such an award for the fifth edition of the Buonamico Award.

Such nominations may be submitted by filling in the nomination form found on the ERA website here. Deadline for submission is Sunday 5th September 2021.

More information may be found here.

Information on Giovanni Francesco Buonamico:

Giovanni Francesco Buonamico was a 17th century Maltese naturalist, whose varied intellectual interests resulted in the writing of at least four important manuscripts on natural history. These included the first flora of the Maltese Islands, the so-called “Brevis Notitia” manuscripts.

11 August 2021