The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) approved an application for an IPPC permit for a new by-product treatment facility to reduce and reuse waste generated by the aquaculture industry.

This facility, the first of its kind in Malta, will reduce fish farms waste in Maltese waters, by processing by-products, specifically tuna offal from the harvest process, into fish meal and fish oil. Such facilities further contribute towards a circular system with minimal to zero waste generation, whilst augmenting the environmental sustainability of this important sector of Malta’s blue economy.

After the Planning Authority approved the development of this facility in March 2021, this year its operators, Aquaculture Resources Ltd, applied for the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit required to operate it. The ERA Board approved this application during a public meeting on Friday.

The IPPC permit considers the holistic environmental performance of the installation and ascertains that the operations are undertaken in line with Best Available Techniques that are available for such operations. Furthermore, the permit takes into consideration all the aspects of the operations including emissions to air, discharges, management of waste, monitoring of operations as well as monitoring of pollutants, to make sure they are adequately managed and where applicable, mitigated.

Before determining this application, ERA consulted statutory bodies and launched a public consultation, as required by the IPPC Regulations. No objections to this application were received. All relevant documentation is publicly available on the ERA ERIS platform.

27 September 2022