The Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) launched a public consultation for a Wellbeing First Vision for its National Strategy for the Environment for 2050.

This Vision recognises that progress must be redefined and places the environment at the heart of a system that supports overall wellbeing. It envisions success being measured on what really matters for quality of life, with environmental stability being an essential part of this. The Vision promotes continuous growth while achieving higher living standards by respecting environmental limits and moving towards a future which gives environmental and societal considerations due regard, alongside economic development.

This first major milestone in the development of a National Strategy for the Environment sets the direction for the upcoming Strategy. It serves as a far-sighted strategic course for the protection and management of the environment for the next thirty years, practically a generation, and it is what the National Strategy for the Environment will be based on for the country to strive towards a better quality of life.

Further information on this Vision and the National Strategy for the Environment for 2050 is available here. The Authority encourages the public to participate in this consultation by sending feedback on or through the below link until 20th September 2020.

Accompanying docs:

    • Video here
    • Consultation questions here

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21 July 2020