A new fund by the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) will be financing projects, programmes, and schemes with the aim of environmental protection and improving the quality of life in our islands announced Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia and ERA CEO Michelle Piccinino.

The minister explained that this multi-million fund will kick off with an initial investment of half a million in the first scheme titled Better Environment in Our Local Urban Spaces (BELLUS). He explained that the BELLUS call will be supporting environmental projects tailored towards protecting, restoring, and improving the environment. It is open to public entities, including local councils, voluntary organisations, and educational institutions.

This scheme will finance projects that contribute towards addressing national environmental challenges, thus leading to a healthier environment and an improved quality of life.

Projects must include actions that are tailored towards benefiting the environment whilst relating to the following themes:

  • Green and Blue infrastructure
  • Afforestation and environmental restoration
  • Improving the local environment, including greening urban areas and quality of the countryside
  • Biodiversity and nature protection
  • Initiatives for conservation and restoration of sensitive zones near urban zones

We are continuing to invest in our environment, our well-being and the quality of life of all families on our islands. Our country continues to face a number of challenges, including environmental ones, which is why the need for innovative, sustainable, and green projects are more important than ever. The government is continuing to invest in the people as it has been doing for the past years, and this fund gives a chance to public entities, local councils, and voluntary organisations to come forward with their projects to improve the local environment and safeguard our islands,” the minister said.

ERA CEO Michelle Piccinino said that by this initiative, ERA will ensure the relevant implementation, promoting synergy to work hand in hand with local councils, schools, various public entities, and NGOs. This investment will bridge the gaps to enhance biodiversity and wellbeing.

The BELLUS scheme will open from 1st July 2021 until 30th September 2021. More information can be obtained by email funding.era@era.org.mt or era.org.mt.


19 June 2021