The European Environment Agency (EEA) coordinates periodic assessments of the European environment’s state and outlook with a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of environmental policy and the state of the European regional environment as a whole. The assessment also explores and identifies the possibilities of improving existing policies and how they can be better implemented.

In developing the European State and Outlook report, the EEA collects a wealth of information from the EIONET (the European Environment Information and Observation Network, a partnership between the EEA and the 39 member and cooperative countries) and international/ regional entities such as the European Commission, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations (UN). Additionally, the EEA also includes information from the most recent state of the environment reports from all participating European states into its assessment.

The EEA’s The European Environment – State and Outlook 2020 was launched as Europe’s State of the Environment Report (SOER) on Wednesday 4th December 2019.

The press release of the event is available in English and Maltese.

For more information on The European Environment – State and Outlook 2020, please go to: to view the full report, executive summary, visuals and videos.