An evolving sound map of the silent city of Mdina

Malta’s silent city: Mdina is different to other modern cities and there is something recognisable in the soundscape that immediately marks this distinction. This museum city is very much alive and pulsating with life!

During the Summer months of 2020, the Environment and Resources Authority conducted a study to find out more about the sonic environment of the historical city of Mdina. ERA developed a story map made up of various sound recordings taken during the day, which were captured across 5 different locations and landmarks in Mdina. Through this soundmap one appreciates the distinct characteristics of Mdina such as the wind that often pays a visit or the chatter and footsteps of many people who walk through the city’s beautiful streets and leave their sonic signature.

The evolving sound map of the silent city of Mdina helps us explore and appreciate more the surrounding soundscape and the rather quiet sonic environment of this interesting and captivating marvel. Additionally, the sound map will help promote environmental awareness where such areas are appreciated by the public and leave a positive effect on people’s well-being and health.

Visit this link and have a listen to these recordings and more.