At a regional level, the Plan Bleu is a state of the environment report assessment to aiming to sustainably preserve the marine environment and the surrounding coastal areas of the Mediterranean region. Plan Bleu carries out studies and future scenario exercises to raise awareness towards on the Mediterranean region’s sustainable development issues amongst decision-makers, stakeholders and society.

The Plan Bleu project is one of the Regional Activity Centres that feeds into the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) as an initiative under the United Nations Environment Programme ‘s (UNEP) Regional Seas Programme. Its work is approved every two years by the contracting parties (including Malta) to the Barcelona Convention.

Plan Bleu missions:

  • Observing environment and development to enlighten decision makers
  • Shaping possible futures for sustainable development
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development
  • Integrating climate change as a priority
  • Supporting the transition towards a green and blue economy
  • Shedding socio-economic light for the appropriate management of Mediterranean resources

For more information, the Plan Bleu website can be accessed through the following link:​