Air Particulates

In addition to the gamma dose rate monitoring, air is monitored for the presence of radionuclides. A high volume sampler is installed in Bengħajsa which is used to capture the total air particulates on a filter. The filter is then analysed using gamma ray spectrscopy in an accredited laboratory.

Soil and Coastal Surface Waters Sampling

Soil samples are taken at yearly intervals from 5 locations in Malta and Gozo. The samples are sent to an accredited laboratory where they are analysed by means of gamma spectroscopy. This analysis is capable of identifying and quantifying radionuclides that might be present in the soil.

Coastal surface water is monitored at intervals of three months at three sampling points, two in Malta and one in Gozo. The samples collected are treated and set to an accredited laboratory to be analysed for the presence of radioactive particles using gamma spectroscopy.