Management of Malta’s Marine Protected Areas – Ongoing consultations

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is in the process of defining the objectives and measures for the management of Malta’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). In this regard, ERA is considering input from the general public, organisations and interested stakeholders regarding their views on the management of the MPAs around Malta and Gozo.

More information related to these MPAs, which form part of Europe’s Natura 2000 network is available in the consultation document​. The management measures for MPAs have to safeguard the protected features for which these areas were designated. Typical protected features include Posidonia beds, reefs, caves, various seabirds, loggerhead turtles and bottlenose dolphins. The general aim of such measures would be so that the protected features are maintained or achieve a good conservation status.

Comments may be sent to the Nature Team within the Biodiversity & Water Unit on: [email protected] or by post to Nature Team, Environment & Resources Authority, Spencer Hill, Marsa MRS 1441.

Boulder screes around il-Karraba
Boulder ​screes at il-Karraba, Għajn Tuffieħa