The following is a list​ of companies providing noise monitoring services. For further information regarding the services provided, click on the links in the right column.


Companies ​Telephone ​Email ​Further Information
​Adi Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd ​21378172/7
99451455 Click Here
​AIS Environmental Ltd​ ​21803374 Click Here
​Ecoserv Ltd ​21431900
99495343 Click Here
En-Sure Ltd ​21378180
99492381 Click Here
Environmental Monitoring Services Ltd ​21247356
79311234 Click Here
​Ing. Johan A. Psaila & Associates ​21248112
79801088 ​Click Here
Sammut & Associates Co Ltd ​21435082
99468228 Click Here
​Tektraco Ltd ​21378088 Click Here
​Terracore ​21583241 Click Here
Sun Lab Group Ltd ​​21381391
79598726 Click Here

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