Urban Waste Water


The aim of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Regulations, which transpose the EU’s Urban Waste Water Directive is to protect the aquatic environment from the adverse effects of discharges of untreated or improperly treated urban waste water and of waste water from certain industrial sectors. All sewage generated in the Maltese Islands is collected through an improved sewerage network and treated by three main sewage treatment plants (STPs): Malta North STP (Ċumnija), Malta South STP (Ta’ Barkat) and Gozo STP (Ras il-Ħobż).

Discharges from the STPs are regulated through Environmental Permits issued by ERA, which consider the requirements of the Water Framework and Urban Waste Water legislation. Discharges to the sewer from industry are regulated by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS). More information on urban wastewater infrastructure is available on the Water Services Corporation (WSC) website, which entity operates the STPs and maintains the supporting network.