Statistics on the generation and treatment of waste by all economic operators are required to monitor the implementation of waste policy within the Maltese Islands.

Data available today on the amount of waste generated can provide an accurate picture of waste arising in Malta and its management. The total waste generated is the sum of the waste arising from three different waste streams namely:

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW);
  • Construction and demolition waste (C&D); and
  • Commercial and industrial waste (C&I).


Life cycle chain
Life cycle chain (source: EEA)


The chapter on Resources and Waste in the State of the Environment Report provides a life-cycle perspective on natural resources while addressing several environmental concerns related to the production and consumption, and ties together the use of resources and the generation of waste.

Kindly follow the links below for more in-depth statistics on specific waste streams:

In addition, the National Statistics Office (NSO) issues press releases on an annual basis on the Management of Solid Waste and on the Management of Municipal Waste in Malta.

Waste statistics, as reported by Malta and other Member States, are available on the Eurostat’s website.