In the field of waste management, the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) incorporates all product related environmental costs, from the market price to the post-consumer phase. Under EPR legislation, producers of products are responsible for their recovery or disposal once they reach their end of life. In principle, such responsibility provides incentives to prevent waste at source, promotes innovative product designs as well as supports the attainment of recovery and recycling targets. Within the European Community, the concept of extended producer responsibility is considered a major instrument for the implementation of the Waste Hierarchy.

At EU level, three Directives introduce the EPR as a policy approach, these being:


Image describing life cycle of a product from production, to placement on the market, to consumption, to waste, to recovery and back to production.


In addition, Malta has opted to implement EPR on packaging and packaging waste. As from the 31st of December 2024, Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste will also be implementing the concept of EPR.

In Malta, Extended Producer Responsibility has been established for:


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