Compliance and Enforcement officers of the Enforcement Directorate within the Environment & Resources Authority carry out day-to-day investigations related to the illegal disposal of waste. These inspections are carried out following reports submitted by the public as well as through monitoring programs.

To deal with illegal disposal of waste, ERA officers conduct site inspections as well as desktop research in order to evaluate the case and trace the persons responsible for the contravention or the owner of the site in question. Once this is established, the Authority issues relevant administrative fines and orders the site to be cleared and reinstated back to its original state.

In instances where the Authority’s order to the owner/contravener to clean the site is ignored, Stop and Compliance Orders are issued to all parties responsible for the land and the activity. Stop and Compliance Orders incur daily administrative fines and increase if prolonged should the specified order be disregarded. In the case, that the Stop and Compliance breaches be ignored the Authority takes the necessary steps to settle the case against the contravener through further legal action and/or direct action.