The submission of sites to the European Commission entails the preparation of a datasheet and a map for each site, that is, for each proposed Site of Community Importance (SCI) and for each Special Protected Area (SPA), unless a proposed SCI has the exact boundary as an SPA; in the latter case only one datasheet is prepared comprising all relevant information.

Reference can be made to the Natura 2000 viewer (including datasheets) and to the Natura 2000 database to obtain information on each Natura 2000 site for European Union Member States. Information for the sites nominated by Malta is also available through these links (depending on update dates). Since a few years ago, submission of information to the European Commission is made through the uploading of the relevant material online; hence the most recent submissions made by Malta are publicly available online. The table below provides quick access to the Standard Data Forms (SDFs) and Maps for Malta’s sites.

It is important to highlight the fact that certain information might be lacking or requires updating in the near future, since through further studies and surveys, additional information, especially with respect to habitat types and species present within selected sites, will be collated. The exercise is considered to be an ongoing process, and as such, relevant information is updated accordingly when necessary. Additionally, selected information is not publicly available in view of its sensitive nature when considering the conservation of the sites/habitats/species in question.

Reference Portal related to the Natura 2000 dataflow provides the relevant material for the dataflow in question.

Terrestrial Natura 2000 Sites
Standard data forms (SDFs) & maps for terrestrial Natura 2000 sites, designated in Malta:
Site codeNatura 2000 site nameSDFMap
MT0000001L-Inħawi ta’ Għajn BarraniLinkSAC
MT0000002L-Inħawi ta’ PembrokeLinkSAC
MT0000003Il-Ballut tal-WardijaLinkSAC
MT0000004Il-Maqluba (limiti tal-Qrendi)LinkSAC
MT0000005L-Inħawi tar-RamlaLinkSAC
MT0000006Is-Simar (limiti ta’ San Pawl il-Baħar)LinkSAC / SPA
MT0000008L-Għadira s-Safra u l-Iskoll tal-GħallisLinkSCI / SAC
MT0000009L-Inħawi tar-Ramla tat-Torri u tal-Irdum tal-MadonnaLinkSAC / SPA
MT0000010Ix-Xagħra tal-KortinLinkSAC
MT0000011Għar DalamLinkSAC
MT0000012Wied il-MiżiebLinkSAC
MT0000014Il-Ballut ta’ MarsaxlokkLinkSAC
MT0000015L-Inħawi tal-GħadiraLinkSAC / SPA
MT0000016Filfla u l-Gżejjer ta’ MadwarhaLinkSAC / SPA
MT0000017Kemmuna u l-Gżejjer ta’ MadwarhaLinkSAC / SPA
MT0000018L-Inħawi tal-Buskett u tal-GirgentiLinkSAC / SPA
MT0000019L-Inħawi tad-Dwejra u tal-Qawra, inkluż Ħaġret il-ĠeneralLinkSAC
MT0000020L-Inħawi tax-Xlendi u tal-Wied tal-KantraLinkSAC
MT0000021L-Inħawi tal-Imġiebaħ u tal-MiġnunaLinkSAC
MT0000022Il-Gżejjer ta' San Pawl (Selmunett)LinkSAC
MT0000023Il-Magħluq tal-Baħar ta’ MarsaskalaLinkSAC
MT0000024Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Ir-Ramla taċ-Ċirkewwa sal-Ponta ta' BengħisaLinkSAC
MT0000025L-Għar tal-Iburdan u l-Inħawi tal-MadwarLinkSAC
MT0000026Il-Qortin tal-Magun u l-Qortin il-KbirLinkSAC
MT0000027Rdumijiet ta' Għawdex: Ta' ĊenċLinkSPA
MT0000028Rdumijiet ta' Għawdex: Id-dawra tas-Sanap sa tal-ĦajtLinkSPA
MT0000029Rdumijiet ta' Għawdex: Il-ponta ta' Ħarrux sal-bajja tax-XlendiLinkSPA
MT0000030Rdumijiet ta' Għawdex: Il-ponta ta' San Dimitri sal-Ponta ta' ĦarruxLinkSPA
MT0000031Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Ix-Xaqqa sa Wied MoqbolLinkSPA
MT0000032Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Ras il-Pellegrin sax-XaqqaLinkSPA
MT0000033Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Wied Moqbol sal-Ponta ta' BengħisaLinkSPA
MT0000034L-Inħawi ta' Ta' ĊenċLinkSAC
MT0000035L-Inħawi ta’ Ħas-SaptanLinkSCI
MT0000036L-Inħawi tal-WejLinkSCI
MT0000037Wied il-Mielaħ u l-inħawi tal-madwarLinkSCI / SPA

Standard data forms (SDFs) & maps for marine Natura 2000 sites, designated in Malta:
Site codeNatura 2000 site nameSDFMap
MT0000101Żona fil-Baħar bejn Rdum Majjiesa u Għar LapsiLinkSCI
MT0000102Żona fl-inħawi ta' Għar Lapsi u ta' FilflaLinkSCI
MT0000103Żona fil-Baħar fl-Inħawi tad-Dwejra (Għawdex)LinkSCI
MT0000104Żona fil-Baħar bejn il-Ponta tal-Ħotba u Tal-Fessej (Għawdex)LinkSCI
MT0000105Żona fil-Baħar bejn il-Ponta ta’ San Dimitri (Għawdex) u il-QalietLinkSCI
MT0000106Żona fil-Baħar fit-TramuntanaLinkSPA
MT0000107Żona fil-Baħar tal-GrigalLinkSPA
MT0000108Żona fil-Baħar fil-lvantLinkSPA
MT0000109Żona fil-Baħar fix-XlokkLinkSPA
MT0000110Żona fil-Baħar fin-NofsinharLinkSPA
MT0000111Żona fil-Baħar fil-lbiċLinkSPA
MT0000112Żona fil-Baħar Madwar GħawdexLinkSPA
MT0000113Żona fil-Baħar fil-PunentLinkSCI
MT0000114Żona fil-Baħar fil-MajjistralLinkSPA
MT0000115Żona fil-Baħar fl-Inħawi tal-Graben tat-Tramuntana ta’ GħawdexLinkSCI
MT0000116Żona fil-Baħar fl-Inħawi tal-Graben ta’ MedinaLinkSCI
MT0000117Żona fil-Baħar fl-Inħawi tal-Punet tal-Graben ta’ MaltaLinkSCI
MT0000118Żona fil-Baħar fl-Inħawi tal-Majjistral tal-Graben ta’ MaltaLinkSCI

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