​Beyond the protection of important natural areas through legal instruments, the active management of protected areas is of utmost importance for the efficient protection of habitats and species.

Administrative, statutory or contractual management can be considered. Indeed, management of certain areas can be afforded through specific legislation that restricts access to them. Most often, then, management of protected areas is carried out through the establishment and hence implementation of a management plan drawn up specifically for a particular area.

Alien species (​MT: l-agave; EN: century plants; SN: Agave ssp.) being removed by ERA in Comino, which is a Natura 2000 site.


Through the years, selected sites have been managed through an agreement signed between the competent authority, other Government agencies/departments, non-governmental organisations and/or occupiers of land. Indeed, the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA) is involved in the management of various protected areas. Apart from its consultative role, management interventions have also been considered (directly or indirectly); these entailed the eradication of rodents, removal of alien species, the control of domestic ducks, the regulation of beach facility operators and the curtailing of illegal activities, amongst others.​

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