Enforcement of legislation pertaining to the protection of trees and woodlands

 Regulations enforced

  • Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations (S.L. 549.123)
  • Species protection (designation of national species) regulations (S.L.549.120) (in relation to those provisions associated to trees)

Major roles

  • Guiding the public and other regulated bodies on matters pertaining to the control of activities that may have a negative impact on protected trees and Tree Protection Areas
  • Carrying out investigations in connection with reported damage to trees or activities that may negatively affect trees and protected woodlands, including the deliberate sale and planting of alien trees and trees that are incompatible with the Maltese natural environment
  • Inspecting sites in order to check compliance with landscaping and transplanting conditions imposed under Planning Authority permits and associated Bank Guarantees
  • Carrying out compliance inspections in connection with activities permitted by ERA involving trees, for example, obligations relating to transplanting; cutting & pruning; and compensatory planting
  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies by providing expert identification of species; determining the legal status of tree species and sites; effecting assessments of damage to trees and Tree Protection Areas; securing evidence and acting as ex parte court experts in court
  • Taking administrative legal action and representing the Authority during Environment and Planning Review Tribunal sittings
  • Following up on Court decisions including drafting of notices of appeal and liaising with the office of the Attorney General
  • Maintaining abreast on developments in the field of enforcement of tree protection legislation by participating in internationally and locally organised meetings and workshops