Regulation (EU) No 1143/2014 on the Prevention and Management of the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Alien Species provides for a set of restrictions and measures to be undertaken across the EU for invasive alien species (IAS) list of Union concern. Such species are subject to restrictions on their keeping, importation, sale, breeding and growing, in addition to measures for their early detection, eradication or management.

As a commercial owner/keeper however, you may sell or transfer specimens to non-commercial users for up to one year following the inclusion of the concerned species on the Union list, provided that the concerned specimens were acquired prior to such listing and are kept in a contained holding. Prior to the sale/transfer of any invasive alien species of Union concern it is recommended to duly inform customers on the restrictions in place and the requirement to keep such specimens in contained holding.

Common myna
Common myna

Keeping a specimen in a “contained holding” means keeping the animal in confinement such that escape/spread is not possible. Considering the ease of dispersal of seeds (e.g. through wind, birds etc.), the keeping of invasive flora of Union concern in gardens is prohibited, and such plants or trees should be kept in fully enclosed spaces such as aquaria, greenhouses or indoors.

Moreover, for up to two years from the date of inclusion of a species on the Union list, commercial owners/keepers of such specimens may:

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