The movement of waste within the Maltese Islands is regulated by the Waste Management Regulations, S.L. 549.63.

When engaging a waste operator for the management of the waste, the waste producer or waste holder, has to make sure that all the waste operators involved in the management of waste are in possession of the necessary permits from the Authority to perform such activities. Waste carriers and waste management facilities, require a valid permit from the Authority to handle specific waste streams on site.

If the waste being produced is classified as hazardous, then the producer of the waste is required to take the necessary actions to ensure that the production, collection and transportation as well as the storage and treatment of such waste are carried out in conditions that provide protection to the environment and human health.

During all whole process of waste management, i.e. during collection, transportation and storage, the holders of hazardous waste are required to make sure that such waste is securely packaged and labelled according to international and national standards.

Any person intending to transfer hazardous waste or any non-hazardous waste as prescribed by ERA within the Maltese territory is required to notify the Authority before the actual transfer happens. Such transfers are required to be accompanied by a consignment note, and all the waste operators involved in the transfers of such waste are required to be in possession of the necessary permits.

For further details on the procedure to be followed during the transfer of hazardous waste and other non-hazardous waste as identified by the Authority, kindly visit the following link.