ERA registers  vehicles that carry waste, in line with the Waste Management (Activity Registration) Regulations, S.L. 549.45. This ensures ensure that all vehicles/vessels that are carrying wastes are up to standard and that no waste escapes to the environment.

The following are the categories of waste carriers being permitted:

Class​ A1 ​Constr​uction and Demolition waste
​Class A2 ​Road Services and furniture – (Bulky Refuse, Road Cleaning and Beach Cleaning)
​Class A3 ​Restaurants and canteen waste and Municipal waste – RCV’s only
​Class A4 ​Separated waste (including Non-Hazardous Packaging Waste)s
​Class A5 ​Other non hazardous waste
​Class B ​Vessels used for the transport of waste at sea. This includes vessels exclusively used for carriage of waste such as dredging barges (B1), vessels for carrying waste oil (B2) and for carrying other waste (B3). It does not include vessels which carry general goods, waste in containers or vehicles
​Class C1 ​Sharps/Hospital/Pharmaceutical Waste
​Class C2 ​Other Class C waste except C1 and Animal By-Product Waste
​Class D1 ​Liquid Waste
​Class D2​ ​WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) including White Goods
​Class D3 ​Other hazardous waste

Permitting procedures are described in the link below.

For a more detailed explanation of the different classes please refer to Activity 38 of Legal Notice SL 549.45 and download the guidance note here​.