Any type of waste that is generated from business, commercial users or householders and is classified as hazardous waste, has to be transferred from the site of generation to an authorised facility that accepts such waste. The transfer and disposal of such waste would have to be covered by a consignment permit as per provisions laid down in regulation 14 of the Waste Regulations, S.L. 549.63, and this includes all hazardous waste together with any other type of waste that is non-hazardous but however the competent authority (ERA) deems necessary to cover such waste under a consignment permit. Once a consignment permit has been approved, every transfer of waste would have to be accompanied by a consignment note respectively. One may therefore opt to either:

  1. Engage an authorised waste broker/facility, that has a valid consignment permit to transfer/receive such waste according to the EWC code list


  1. Apply for a consignment permit with the competent authority (ERA). Then a registered waste carrier would have to be appointed to transport the waste to an authorised receiving facility that has a valid permit and can accept the type of waste. The application shall be submitted via the online system of the e-Forms​. The transfers are to be accompanied by Consignment Notes, submitted via the online system of the e-Forms. A pre-notification copy (Consignment Note) needs to be sent at least three days before the actual transfer of the waste. ​