When do I need an environmental permit?

An environmental permit is needed when:

  • An activity could pollute the air, water or land
  • Activities are to be carried out in a protected area
  • An activity may effect a protected species of flora and fauna

What do you need a permit for?

An environmental permit is needed for the following:

  • Industrial Activities: An industrial facility, manufacturer or other business that produces potentially harmful substances e.g. landfill, dry cleaner, petrol stations, fish farms, discharges to sea, solvent emission activities
  • Waste Management Activities: Waste management sites, where waste is transported, stored, recycled, treated or disposed
  • Quarries: Quarries that are accepting and/or recycling construction and demolition waste
  • Operation of Medium or Large Combustion Plants
  • Activities related to Interventions on Trees e.g. pruning, uprooting, transplanting and other interventions on protected trees
  • Activities in Protected Sites: e.g. clean ups, filming, camping and any activity in protected sites e.g. Natura 2000 sites
  • Activities on protected species or GMOs e.g. research on flora and fauna or genetic manipulation of species
  • Trade or Movement of Protected Species: the import, export/re-export, or transfer of species subject to CITES Convention
  • Trans frontier Shipment of Waste: export and transit of waste to other countries
  • Extended Producer Responsibility: producer/importers of packaging material, EEE products and Batteries

This is not an exhaustive list of activities. Please contact the Environmental Permitting Unit to be guided further.

How to Apply

The Environment Permitting Unit only processes applications that are duly filled on the ERIS system.

Apply button

A tutorial explaining how to apply using ERIS can be found here.

Permitting Process

Description of the permitting process - Submission of Application - Vetting of Application - Validation of Application - Review of Application - Consultation on Application - Decision

Right to Appeal

The applicant may appeal from decisions to the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal in accordance with Article 63 of the Environment Protection Act and with the provisions of the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal Act.

Last Edited: 24/11/2020

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