Various events which occur in Natura 2000 sites (SACs and SPAs) designated through the relevant regulations, including music events, barbecues, etc and are subject to prior ERA clearance. To this effect, ERA has published General rules for certain organized activities and events involving crowds


These rules apply for activities occurring within or affecting Natura 2000 sites as per Annex 1 in the document- For activities of more than 25 persons, a prior notification of the activity shall be submitted to ERA at least 15 days before the event on [email protected] with the details of the checklist in Annex 2 of the document.


Provided that, on a case by case basis the ERA may request a formal Environmental Permit prior to the activity occurring or otherwise impose additional conditions including the provision of an appropriate bank guarantee to ensure adherence with conditions. Applications for a formal permit are to be submitted through the online ERIS portal