Name of FacilityCurrent Application NumberActivityLocalityStatusCurrent PermitPermit Granting DatePermit Publication Date
Easy GasEP 0018/10Rebottlling of LPGLuqaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Enemed - Fuel Filling StationEP 0044/17Fuel StorageHas-SaptanBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Enemed - Hal Luqa Fuel StorageEP 0019/12Fuel StorageLuqaGrantedEP 0019/1221/07/202024/07/2020
Enemed - Has SaptanEP 0023/12Fuel StorageHas-SaptanBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Enemed - Ras HanzirEP 0021/12Fuel StoragePaolaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Enemed - Wied DalamEP 0022/12Fuel StorageGhaxaqBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Gasco EnergyEP 0011/10/CImportation, Storage and Bottling of LPGBirzebbugaGrantedEP 0011/10/C27/03/201927/03/2019
Mediterranean Offshore Bunkering Co. LtdEP 0013/09/B/V1Storage and distribution of HFO and GasoilMarsaGrantedEP 0013/09/B18/12/201918/12/2019
Oil Tanking MaltaEP 0008/10Storage and blending of petroleum productsBirzebbugaGrantedEP 0008/1001/10/201701/10/2017
San Lucjan Oil Co. LtdEP 0083/19Storage and distribution of HFO and GasoilBirzebbugaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Attard Services Ltd.EP 0029/10/BStorage and distribution of lubricating oils and greasesBirzebbugiaGrantedEP 0029/10/B02/12/201602/12/2016
Attard Services Ltd.EP 0076/20Storage and distribution of lubricating oils and greasesBirzebbugiaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Cassar Fuel Ltd.EP 0014/15Bulk Fuel StorageMriehelGrantedEP 0014/1517/2/201717/2/2017
Multigas, KirkopEP 0049/17Production and storage of an assortment of gasesKirkopBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A