Name of FacilityCurrent Application NumberActivityLocalityStatusCurrent PermitPermit Granting DatePermit Publication Date
BetssonEP 0111/19Operation of 1 MCPTa' XbiexBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Hilltop GardensEP 0099/19Operation of 1 MCPNaxxarBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Malta Dairy ProductsEP 0100/19Operation of 4 MCPsMarsaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Eden CinemasEP 0121/20Operation of 1 MCPSt Julian'sBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Goldvest Ltd.EP 1037/20Operation of 1 MCPSliemaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Piazzetta Seafront EP 1309/21Operation of 2 MCPsSliemaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Epic Communications Ltd. EP 1315/21Operation of 1 MCPBirkirkaraBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Epic Communications Ltd. EP 1330/21Operation of 2 MCPs QormiBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
St Barts Medical SchoolEP 0013/21Operation of 1 MCPVictoriaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
DelicataEP 0023/21Operation of 1 MCPPaolaBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A
Mercury TowerEP 1121/21Operation of 2 MCPsSt Julian'sBeing ProcessedN/AN/AN/A