Any petroleum derivative, with or without additives, having a Reid vapour pressure (RVP) of 27.6 kilopascals or more, which is intended for use as a fuel for motor vehicles with the exception of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)


Any facility which is used for the storage and loading of petrol onto road tankers, rail tankers, or vessels, including all storage installations on the site of the facility


The largest total annual quantity of petrol loaded from a storage installation at a terminal or from a mobile container into a service station during the three preceding years

Mobile Container

Any tank transported by road, rail or waterways used for  the transfer of petrol from one terminal to another or from terminal to a service station

Approved Auditor

An  auditor which has been approved by the Competent Authorities and by the Malta Standards Authority, who holds a warrant to practice the profession of an engineer under the Engineering Profession Act or the equivalent professional qualification as provided under the Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Act, who has suitable training, sufficient knowledge and experience and capability as approved by the competent Authorities to certify that  terminals,  service  stations  and  road  tankers  are compliant  with  the  standards set by the relevant technical Schedules of these regulations, and who is duly registered with the joint competent authorities