Application Number Name Activity Location Status
IP 0002/08 Waste Oils Co. Ltd. Processing of hazardous waste Marsa ​Active
IP 0006/12 Siggiewi Waste Digester and Waste Conversion Facility Mix of recovery and disposal of non-hazardous waste involving biological treatment Siggiewi Withdrawn
IP 0007/13 Malta North Waste Treatment Plant Mechanical Treatment Plant and Biogas Plant Naxxar Active
IP 0002/12 Lay Lay Co. Ltd Broiler farm Xgħajra l/o Żabbar ​Withdrawn
IP 0005/12 Ricasoli Port Facility Ltd Storage and Processing of oily waste mixtures Kalkara ​Being processed
IP 0001/06/C Ghallis Non-Hazardous Landfill Non-hazardous Engineered Landfill Għallis l/o Magħtab Active
IP 0001/05 Ta’ Zwejra Non-Hazardous Landfill Non-Hazardous Engineered Landfill Naxxar Active
IP 0003/06/F Amino Chemicals Ltd ​Manufactuer of pharmaceutical products Marsa Active
IP 0003/13 Tar-Robba Recycling Centre Ltd End-of life Vehicles and WEEE storage Kirkop Withdrawn
​IP 0002/14 Roc-A-Go Crane Serv Ltd​ End of Life vehicle dismantling and other waste management activities L/O Zejtun​ Being processed
IP 0003/12 Hazardous waste treatment and storage facility​ Storage and treatment of hazardous waste Għallis l/o Magħtab Withdrawn
IP 0001/19 Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products Birzebbugia Active
IP 0001/08/A Edible Oil Refining Co Ltd Production of biodiesel Marsa Industrial Estate Not operational
IP 0005/06/B Multigas Ltd​ Production of acetylene Marsa Industrial Estate ​Surrendered
IP 0001/09/A Poligas Limited Production of acetylene Ħal Farruġ Active
​IP 0004/12 Gasparell Baling Plant ​Operation of a waste recycling facility comprising a baling plant and an end of life vehicle facility ​​HHF 601, Hal Far Industrial Estate, Hal Far Active
IP 0005/13 Sant Antnin Waste Treatment Plant Recovery of non-hazardous waste involving biological treatment Marsaskala Active
IP 0005/07 Crystal Pharma Ltd ​Manufacture of pharmaceutical products​ Zejtun Surrendered
​IP 0001/12/A Green Skip Services/G.S.Rec Ltd Operation of a waste management facility Ta' L-Imriekeb, Ramla Road,Magħtab Active
IP 0004/07/B Wasteserv Thermal Treatment Facility Thermal Treatment Facility Marsa Active