In line with Regulation 19 of the Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations 2019 (S.L.549.123) ERA has established a Register of people who are licensed to carry out interventions on trees which are:

1. Located within Urban Public Open Spaces
2. Protected through a Tree Preservation order
3. Located within a Tree Protection Area.

Eligible persons shall be in possession of:

  • Certification in a course which deals with trees and their maintenance
  • Evidence of practical work; and
  • A clean track record

Applications may be submitted online through the following link: . Eligible applicants shall be registered with ERA and the registration is valid for a period of three years from its issue, following which a renewal of the registration may be sought.

The list of Registered Tree Specialist  can be found here

Further information on the permitting process is found on the Guidelines on Works involving Trees, by contacting the ERA on or by phone on 2292 3500 and by visiting us at during office hours.

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