A waste producer must have a valid waste consignment permit (CP) and a consignment note (CN) during transfer in order to dispose of/transport his waste as per legal obligations of Regulation 14 of The Waste Regulations, S.L. 549.63. These Notes must accompany waste, which consists of hazardous or non-hazardous waste. This procedure is also applied for disposal of waste at sea.

All CPs and CNs have a unique number/code allocated by the Competent Authority. The CP is used in order to obtain a permit for the disposal of waste while the CN must be used for the transfer of waste.

Terms and Definitions
  • Consignor is the person who asks for the waste to be removed from the place where it is being held
  • Carrier is the person who transfers the waste from one place to another & should be registered with ERA.
  • Consignee is the person to whom the waste is being transferred.
  • Carrier’s round is a journey made by the carrier during which more than one consignment of waste is collected and all consignments are taken to the same consignee. To be treated as a carrier’s round under these regulations the round must be completed within 24 hours.
  • Succession is a procedure for the movement of waste of the same description from the same premises and consignor, going to the same consignee and premises (apply also to both single loads and to carrier’s rounds). A CN should cover all consignment, which occurs during the validation of the permit (refer to the permit).

The Consignment Permit procedure is divided into two stages:

Stage One: Waste Consignment Permit Application (CP)

Step 1

For the transfer of waste within the Maltese Islands, the waste generator should apply with the Competent Authority using the CP application that can be accessed from the following link: e-Forms​. Details in Section A (Consignment Details), Section B (Description of the Waste), Section C (Carrier’s Details), Section D (Consignor’s Details) and Section E (Consignee’s Declaration) should be filled in appropriately by the applicant.​

No fees are currently applicable for CPs

Step 2 

The applicant should contact the Waste Management Facility to make the necessary logistical arrangements for the delivery of waste. The Waste Management Facility should inform the Competent Authority of its intention, whether they will be accepting the waste or not.

The application will be processed within 10 working days. Once the CP is ready, the original copy will be sent to the permit holder on the postal address/ email indicated on the application.

For further information, please send an e-mail on [email protected].

For further information about the Consignment Notes, please press here.


Last updated 25/08/2020.