Guidelines on Works involving Trees

The Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations (S.L. 549.123) is the principal legal instrument that regulates which trees are protected and therefore whether a permit is required for works thereon.

ERA acknowledges that the permitting system in placFront view of the guidelinese for interventions on protected trees will gain considerably from promotion of best practice on such works. ERA has therefore developed the Guidelines on Works involving Trees, which include a list of conditions to be observed when carrying out interventions which can potentially be damaging to trees. These conditions seek to find a balance between works that are to be carried out and the health of the trees in question in order to ensure their long-term survival and their various ecological services.

The Guidelines are divided into various sections, dealing with permits, registration of specialists and different works which are potentially damaging to trees. They provide guidance which should be followed during works such as pruning and transplanting and construction works in the vicinity of trees.

This policy was approved in line with Article 51 of the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549) in January 2019.

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Guidelines on Works Involving Trees – Approved Policy

Guidelines on Works Involving Tree – Summarised Version​

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