Reference No. Project Title Location EIA Required
PA/07965/17 To sanction structures as built including a surrounding open space in beaten earth to propose a sheep farm with ancillary milk and cheese let production, manure clamp, stores, changing rooms, toilets, temporary structures, including the demolition of existing aviary, the addition of two cesspits and additional openings for better cross ventilation in animal units. Ta' Joq, Tal-Ghaqba, Siggiewi, Malta No
PA/07970/16 Change of use from approved pig farm in PA 4321/15 to sheep farm. Application also includes change of use from approved stores in PA 4321/15 to stables and stores including ancillary facilities, paddocks, proposed stores at first floor and shifting slightly the location of the proposed sheep farm and manure clamp. Tas-Salvatur Farmhouse, In-Nigret, Triq Il-Gargir, Rabat, Malta​ No
PA/03011/10 Proposed farming estate to include olive growing, racing pigeon breeding, sheep rearing and beekeeping facilities, and sanctioning of rubble walls and structures. Ta' Ras il-Wied, Bidnija, San Pawl il-Bahar, Malta​ No
PA/05858/17 To relocate 8 tuna cages from St. Paul’s Bay as PA 983/01 to 6 tuna cases (retaining the same volume of tuna) to a new site offshore Sikka l-Bajda (Class 8). Site at, Sikka l-Bajda, San Pawl il-Bahar, Malta​ No
PA/04059/19 Proposed installation of three greenhouses for snail farming. Site at (Field), Triq il-Hwawar, Iklin No
PA/07272/18 To sanction site interventions and building as built. Interventions also include the reservoir. Proposed use of said building is for olive oil production. Application includes change of use from reservoir to cesspit and alterations to same. Site at, Triq Tal-Hlas, Qormi, Malta No
PA/04901/21 Reconstruction of agricultural/tool room, water reservoir; (already approved in PA3651/06) proposed snail farm composed of lightweight structures, installation of PV panels on the proposed snail farm structure and works on the main gate area including the installation of a new gate. Site at, Tal-Libru, off, Triq tal-Haddedin, Mgarr No
PA 03673/21 Installation of greenhouses for snail farming including levelling of site, demolition and reinstatement of rubble walls, relocation of existing trees within same site and construction of agricultural store with PV panels, meter room and water tanks. Site at (field), Triq tal-Balal, Naxxar No
PA/05462/21 Restoration of retaining rubble wall and proposed snail caviar farm Site at, Sqaq ta' Campra, Burmarrad, San Pawl il-Bahar No
PA/07800/23 Proposed landscaping of existing area, planting of trees/shrubs and formation of an informal public garden. Proposal includes construction of irrigation reservoir, benches, and pedestrian pathways. Gnien il-Kavallerizza, Triq il-Kavallerizza, Marsaxlokk