Reference No. Project Title Location EIA Required
PA/03779/16 To include adjacent committed site to existing open storage approved by PA/04400/10, to relocate approved landscaping scheme, proposed lightweight shed for heavy vehicles, proposed new gate for a safer access to site plus other additions and alterations Site at, ta` L-Ibragg off, Triq Ta' L- Ibragg, Ibrag, Swieqi, Malta
PA/03961/20 To rehabilitate existing area and carry out vertical and horizontal extensions to existing quarry. Site at (Quarry), Triq Qattara, San Lawrenz
PA/09079/18 Restoration plan for Quarries HM15, HM22 and HM23, the former Hard Rocks Ltd Quarry and Blockrete Ltd​. Site at Ballut Blocks, Triq Wied Filep, Naxxar, Malta
PA/08934/19 To sanction change of use from disused farm into residential and to sanction internal changes to pre 1968 building and to sanction the installation of crusher, removal of soil and change of use from agricultural land to a construction yard/inert waste recycling plan Barumbara and Yard at, Triq Dwardu Ellul, Xghajra
​PA/05552/18 Amendments to PA 1628/15 to include a phasing-out plan for its restoration, i.e. recycling of construction and demolition waste, to a period of 25 years. Application to include meter room. Site at (Quarry), Ta' Sant' Agata sive Ta' Sgamardi, Tad-Debbiet, Sqaq Ta' Sant Agata, Sqaq Tad-Debbiet, Siggiewi, Malta
PA/00418/20 Change of use from disused quarry to Class 6A; open storage. Works include the demolition of the existing store and the construction of a new store, the provision of 16 parking spaces, and the introduction of reservoir and soft landscaping within the site extents. Proposal also includes part excavation of site to form underground garage for vehicle maintenance with landscaping on top and the construction of cesspit. Site at, Tad-Debbiet, Siggiewi
PA/09408/18 To restore hardstone quarry 30 including fringe areas subject to enforcement notices, infill inert material, and construction of solar farm and offices, reconstruction of existing garages and ancillary garages to open yard. Hardstone Quarry number 30, Taz-Zebbiegha, Triq ta' Dmejrek c/w, Triq Panoramika, Siggiewi, Malta
PA/02608/18 Deposition of excavated rock and soil over existing unused quarry Site at, (Hofret ir-Rizz), Triq Misrah Suffara, Rabat
EC 00019/18 Restoration of a quarry at Ta’ Labbatija, Kercem, Gozo Ta’ Labbatija, Kercem, Gozo
PA/06491/20 To set up a manufacturing plant to process recovered construction related materials into various recycled products to be used in the construction industry in line with approved permit PA 5552/18 (Amendments to PA 1628/15 to include a phasing-out plan for its restoration, i.e. recycling of construction and demolition waste, to a period of 25 years. Application to include meter room.) Quarry, Ta' Sant Agata sive Ta' Sgamardi, Sqaq tad-Debbiet, Sqaq Ta' Sant Agata, Tad-Debbiet, Siggiewi
PA/01030/18 Proposed backfilling of existing quarry included in an IPPC permit, to revert it back to an open field. No. 49, Sqaq il-Fdal Tal-Hadid, Triq Valletta, Luqa, Malta
DN/00357/20 Construction of a new logistic centre (Class 6A) and a new reconstituted stone factory (Class 5B). Including also the construction of two new security rooms at the entrances to the site.Qasam Industrijali Hal-Far, Birzebbuga Site at HHF059, Qasam Industrijali Hal-Far, Birzebbuga
PA/10665/17 Installation of Solar Farm, proposal includes: Demolition of the pre-1968 structure used for store/garage, cleaning and leveling the site, demolition of existing wall and construction of rubble wall around the whole perimeter, construction of two Reservoirs, construction of a Substation and landscaping around the site Site at, Triq il-Fortizza, Benghajsa, Birzebbugia, Malta​
PA/04712/20 Proposed installation of photovoltaic farm infrastructure over restored quarry including ancillary services. Tal-Hagra, Triq Tas-Sejba c/w, Triq il-Madonna tal-Gilju, Mqabba
EA/00020/19 Rehabilitation of existing hard stone quarry. Hardstone Quarry number 4, Taz-Zebbiegha, Triq ta' Dmejrek c/w, Triq Panoramika, Siġġiewi, Malta
PA/06015/19 Proposed lateral extension to existing quarry Quarry No. 31, Ta` Dmejrek, Triq ta' Dmejrek, Siggiewi
PA/02680/08 To extend quarry horizontally and vertically including sanction of change in quarry delineation and to propose ancillary structures including those approved in previous permission but not yet constructed – hardstone quarry no. 10, Triq id-Dar, Qala.​ Hard Stone Quarry No 10, Ghar id-Dar L/O, Qala.
PA/04110/16 Proposed recycling plant for construction and demolition waste including plastics/wood/metal and glass generated from same activity, ancillary storage, HGV parking and overlying equestrian facilities (category E, Class 5B use). Tal-Madorba, Tas- Sejba, Mqabba, Malta​
PA/03966/19 To upgrade existing Concrete Batching Plant facility (Class 5B) approved in PA 2443/14 by relocating the facility to adjacent site beneath existing site levels- upgrading to consist of additional ancillary offices and underground ancillary parking. Site at, Triq il-Qala, Ghajnsielem
PA/03996/16 Proposed extension to existing Quarry HM23 Site at Quarry HM 23, Targiet Ghomor, Naxxar, Malta