Reference No. Project Title Location EIA Required
PA05665/18 To extend hard stone quarry G12 for the extraction of rock to a depth of 5m above M.S.L. Quarry G12, Ta' Klement, Qala, Gozo
PA/04110/16 Proposed recycling plant for construction and demolition waste including plastics/wood/metal and glass generated from same activity, ancillary storage, HGV parking and overlying equestrian facilities (category E, Class 5B use). Tal-Madorba, Tas- Sejba, Mqabba, Malta​
PA/02389/22 Change of use from Pig Farm & Partly filled quarry into a commercial yard for parking of construction vehicles and machinery including workshop, open storage, warehousing and including various alterations, demolition of a large disused dilapidated store and replacement by a roofed-over area for truck-parking, various alterations to and rehabilitation of the other existing dilapidated stores, the demolition and replacement of a ramp by a straight staircase to provide access to an existing constructed first floor over a garage with ancillary facilities. Rehabilitation of partly re-filled quarry into a construction and demolition waste recycling plant including the setting-up of a manufacturing plant to process construction-related materials into recycled products to be used in the construction industry and the setting up of a concrete batching plant. Diamond Plant, Tal-Harruba, Triq ta' Wied Hanzir, Siggiewi
PA/03966/19 To upgrade existing Concrete Batching Plant facility (Class 5B) approved in PA 2443/14 by relocating the facility to adjacent site beneath existing site levels- upgrading to consist of additional ancillary offices and underground ancillary parking. Site at, Triq il-Qala, Ghajnsielem
PA/05039/18 Erection of solar farm at ex-quarry no 48/38 including infilling of part of quarry, construction of underground reservoir and of substation and fixing of gates. Site at Quarry 48/38, Triq it-Torri Vincenti, Mqabba, Malta​.
PA/00392/21 Conversion of disused quarry into a shooting range facility. Development at level 0 includes provision for 73 car spaces and construction of club house for members and classroom for tuition and construction of store plus four shooting bays at level -1 Site at (disused quarry), Triq ta l-Ghaqba a.k.a., Il-Bur Ta' L-Ghaqba, Siggiewi.
PA/05918/19 To back-fill existing quarry, to construct concrete batching plant and a concrete block manufacturing plant, maintenance to boundary walls landscaping works and fixing of gate.​ Ta Tlata, Quarry 32, Triq Santa Katerina, Rabat.
PA/01990/21 To sanction garage, and alterations to reservoir. Application includes sanctioning of rubble walls for safety reasons. Proposed use to be Class 5B (mechanic) and proposed deposit soil, planting of trees and fixing of gates. Proposal includes sanctioning of ramps. Barriera tal-Palmier, Triq il-Palma c/w, Triq Rih il-Barriera, Mgarr
PA/03786/20 Installation of solar farm, proposal includes: back filling of part of the quarry, construction of part of boundary wall and installation of pv panels. 82A, Triq ta' Wied Hanzir, Siggiewi
PA/04689/18 To sanction existing partly backfilled quarry. To carry out Land Contamination investigation. To excavate and transport, from and to site, existing top soil stock pile. To form temporary ramp in order to remove top soil stock pile. To remove and dispose as instructed of any land fill contaminants. To backfill quarry to indicated levels with inert waste. To spread over site existing soil from stockpile to an approximate depth of one metre and to build rubble wall terraces.​ Site at (Disused Quarry), Ta' Wied Costa, Siggiewi, Malta
PA/08047/20 To remove scrap material from disused quarry and to convert same into a construction waste recycling facility (class 5B) including installation of vehicle crushers, weigh bridge, construction of offices (class 4A) and sites for recycling materials, infilling of part of quarry with construction waste, deposition of soil on construction waste to convert to agricultural land, to erect greenhouses and underlying reservoir and place PV panels on roofs. Hardstone Quarry, QH4A, Tal-Palma, Triq Rih il-Barriera, Mgarr
PA/00322/19 Proposed temporary installation over a period of 25 years of a mobile batching plant and a stone crusher in order to recycle inert materials at Quarry SM75. Proposal also includes fixing of new timber gates and sanctioning of underground stores. Final restoration of quarry to be carried out as per approved PA 804/02 Quarry SM75, off Wied Costa, Tax-Xaghri L-Imqalleb, Mqabba.
PA/05888/22 Proposed construction of 28 industrial and warehousing units (Classes 5A, 5B, 5C and 6A) with overlying pv panels and a non illuminated sign. Proposal includes also 117 parking spaces of which 5 are parking spaces for larger vehicles, and another 4 of which are access for all parking spaces. Proposal includes also inclusion of landscaping on site. Vacant Plot at, Tas-Sejba, Mqabba
PA/02566/18 Proposed continuation of mineral extraction from areas approved in PA4036/93, hardstone quarry No.7, and to extract hardstone mineral up to +200m (AMSL) and restore quarry to its original levels. Proposal includes the construction of a meter room. Hardstone Quarry No. 7, Gebel Ciantar, Fawwara, Siggiewi, Malta
EA/00048/18 Proposed restoration of quarry by infilling of inert construction waste, inert demolition waste and inert material​. Site at Ix-Xaghara tal-Maghluq, Siggiewi Malta
PA/00350/22 Proposed recycling activity including the execution of crushing on site and stock piling. Proposal also includes the construction of garages for the parking of construction vehicles underground reservoir and cesspit. Quarry No. 48/38, Triq it-Torri Vincenti, Mqabba
PA/05212/08 To sanction extension of existing quarry, to extend quarrying vertically and to restore quarry Site at, Tal-Misrah, l/o, San Lawrenz
PA/01557/23 To sanction use of site already used for quarrying purposes in 1968 for crushing and re-use and recycle of masonry stone including storage of inert material only for use by crusher, storage of vehicles, garage for on site repair. Proposal includes proposed amelioration of site through re planting of various trees and the provision of open storage area for recycled stone. Site, Alley off, Triq Bur ix-Xewk, Siggiewi
PA/07916/20 Construction of a batching plant to reclaim a disused quarry including part sanctioning. Site at: Bonello, Off Triq Tas-Sejba,Tal-Madorba, Tas-Sejba, Mqabba
PA/09087/18 To sanction dumping of construction inert waste in quarry, extraction of stone, sanctioning of structures in quarry including reservoirs and stores for vehicles, machinery and equipment used in quarrying activities, boundary walls and fixing of gates. Site at Piccolo Feudo, Kontrada tad-Dawl off, Ta' Ghadajma, Mqabba, Malta