Reference No. Project Title Location EIA Required
PA/02470/16 & PA/06097/20 Demolition of existing dwellings and construction of a comprehensive project including excavation and construction of underground parking and the construction of a multi-storey commercial complex which will accommodate mixed use development over a height of 33 floors (Tower PX) Triq Santu Wistin /, Triq Sant Andrija, San Giljan, Malta
PA 07926/16 & PA 00456/17 To demolish existing building within the site boundary and excavate the site. Proposed development of university residence (690 bedroom units), ancillary commercial space, student community amenities, language school, lecture space, office building and underground car park (456 car spaces). ' Gjalpos off, Triq San Gwann Tal- Ghorghar, Msida
PA/08822/19 Part demolition of existing stores and retail area Class 4B; excavation of site and construction of retail complex Class 4B and underlying stores and car parking garage thus amending development permission PA 3811/17 to incorporate adjacent, partly demolished site. Installation of PV cells at lower roof level. ​​​Infill Plot, Homemate Stores, Asciak Carpet Store, Triq it-3 ta Settembru 1798, Triq l-Imprendituri, Birkirkara​
PA/08966/18 Proposed construction of elderly care home consisting of residential rooms at ground, first and second floor level; ancillary facilities at basement -1 level and storage, car park and equipment at basement -2 level. Plots B, C, D, Vjal il-Hamsa U Ghoxrin ta' Novembru, Zejtun
PA/02728/20 To demolish existing bank ancillary office/archives building and construct 3 levels of basement and 5 floors of open plan offices, Santa Venera Triq Il-Kbira San Ġużepp, corner with Triq Carini
PA/00949/17 Outline proposal for Agritourism in Zebbiegh Land, Triq Ghajn Tuffieha c/w Trejqa tal-Qanfud, Iz-Zebbiegh, Mgarr, Malta
PA/07491/16 A Master-plan of the Gozo Hospital Site consisting of Major alterations, including part demolition and reconstruction, and refurbishment of existing Gozo General Hospital (Use class order 2A), to increase number of beds from 270 to 450 inclusive of all ancillary facilities. With reference to drawing (GGH-iAS-A’B-XX-A-1001) – Refurbishment of buildings 10 and 11 and demolition of buildings 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. With reference to drawings (GGH-iAS-A’B-XX-A-1002)- New construction of buildings 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. Ref​erence is being made to a table, attached, showing all buildings, building types and areas. Gozo General Hospital, Triq L-Arcisqof Pietru Pace, Triq Ghajn Qatet, Rabat, Gozo
PA/01535/20 (PA/01635/20 - Phase 1) Masterplan for the rehabilitation and upgrading of St Lukes Hospital for medical healthcare and ancillary facilities. St. Luke's Hospital, Telghet Guardamangia, Pjazza San Luqa, Triq Joseph Zammit Tabona, Vjal l-Indipendenza, Triq San Lawrenz &, Triq Alfred Craig, Pieta
PA/09938/18 Construction of Q3 residential block within an already excavated site with a superstructure above piazza level of 10 full floors and 7 receding floors consisting of condominium ancillary facilities at ground floor, 63 residential apartments on the levels above and a top level for services. The substructure consists of 4 levels of residential parking with 118 spaces, plant areas​, reservoirs and services ancillary to the apartments. The substructure also includes a public vehicular access from the Midi complex onto IX-Xatt ta’ Qui-Si-Sana. Paving and landscaping of external public and private areas at ground floor level. Construction of T15 superstructure up to 4 floors above piazza level being 5 from Garden Battery level and changes to underlying exiting substructure built according to PA3718/10 to include a cafeteria (Class 4D), 3 retail units (Class 4B) and a restaurant (Class4D). Landscaping, paving and embellishment of public areas at the Garden Battery and adjoining areas including the construction of a pedestrian bridge, water feature and staircases and lift linking this level to the piazza Q3, T15 and Garden Battery, Tigne Point, Ix-Xatt ta' Tigne, ix-Xatt ta' Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema,
PA/02704/20 Proposed public park, including restoration and upgrading works, the planting of indigenous trees and flora, installation of outdoor furniture, lighting schemes, inclusion of public ancillary facilities and minor paving works. Benghisa Park, Triq Benghajsa, Birzebbuga
PA/09524/18 Construction of multi-use development applying the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for medium rise buildings within the parameters of previous approved PC 38/16. The proposal shall include the excavation of site to make provision for 2 basement levels of parking facilities, 1 basement level including a supermarket, Class 3 Gymnasium and other related storage facilities. Class 4D outlets and 1 Class 2C child day care center are being proposed at piazza level, Class 4A offices at level 1 and overlying 113 Class 1 residential units over 8 floors. Site at, Triq il-Markiz Giuseppe Scicluna and 3 New Streets off, Triq il-Markiz Giuseppe Scicluna, Naxxar, Malta
PA/03913/18 Change of use of residential (Class 1) blocks A (height of eight floors plus receded) and B (height of eleven floors plus receded) and part of the retail element (Class 4b) at ground floor (all as approved in PA06252/17) to offices (Class 4a) including internal alterations, and changes to the façade. Fortina SPA Resort, Ix-Xatt Ta' Tigne &, Triq Censu Xerri, Sliema
PA/06875/19 Proposed change of use of existing ex-Air Malta offices (Class 4a) to proposed dormitory facilities (Class 2c) to serve adjacent ITS Campus. Proposal consists of kitchen and dining facilities at ground level, and accommodation facilities for 136 students at first and second floor. Works to include internal structural alterations and external lift installations as per attached drawings. Ex-Air Malta Offices, Block 'D', off, Vjal l-Avjazzjoni, Luqa
PA/08732/18 Demolition of existing commercial and residential buildings and the construction of a five star hotel (class 3B) having 110 guestrooms over 5 terraced floors, including restaurant, spa facilities, construction of pool and landscaping works Sites at Tattingers Club, Rainbow Apartments & Properties 1, 5, 6, 8, Telgha tas-Saqqajja and Property 1, Triq tal-Infetti, Mdina
PA/03193/19 To excavate and construct five basement floors of parking spaces, with total capacity of 308 parking spaces (57 Parking spaces on Level -1, 62 Parking spaces on Level -2, 63 Parking spaces on Level -3, 63 Parking spaces on Level -4 and 63 Parking spaces on Level -5), including 9 parking spots for disabled persons, of which 8 parking spots for cars and 1 parking spot for van. To construct one Level of Class-4B retail outlets on ground floor level and to construct five Levels of Class-4A offices on first, second, third, fourth and recedes floor level. Qormi Site at, Triq il-Furnar c/w, Triq il-Burdnara, Qormi
PA/01821/19 Demolition of existing buildings; excavation for three levels of parking; construction of parking; medium-rise building using the Floor Area Ratio Policy (Class 4A) for part of the site; conventional development for remaining part of site (Class 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D). Toyota /Debono Site, Triq l-Imdina c/w Triq Ganni Bonnici, Triq is-Siggiewi, Zebbug
PA/02911/16 Demolition of existing restaurant and ancillary facilities and proposed construction of underground basement parking, restaurant class 4D including ancillary facilities, guest house class 3A including outdoor pool, shop class 3D, multipurpose hall, playing area and pv’s on roof level. Lapsi View Bar & Restaurant, Ghar Lapsi, Siggiewi
PA/09606/19 - PA/08669/19 -PA/08590/19 To excavate site and construct basement garages, an office (Class 4A) at ground floor level and 64 units organised on 4 floors; Construction of basement garages and ground floor with a different layout from that approved in permission PA 911/19, and to sanction excavation of basement rock; Construction of basement garages and ground floor with a different layout from that approved in permission PA 165/19, and to sanction excvation of basement rock. Site at, Triq ta' Kassja, Triq il-Wardija, Qala
​PA/08278/18 Proposed minor internal alterations and change of use of approved two Class 1 dwellings to a Class 3A guest house with 11 guest bedrooms and one 2 bedroomed guest apartment. Proposal also includes 1m safety parapet wall at roof level 23, 24, Off, Triq Michelangelo Borg, San Giljan
PA/08809/19 Upgrading of the existing Marsa Racecourse to an International standard Racecourse, including demolition of existing grandstand and structures; restoration of the MRC building; upgrade and extension of the racetrack; upgrade of polo pitch; construction of Grandstand; construction of Class 4C and 4D outlets; construction of 2 club houses; construction of stables and paddocks; construction of equestrian arena with grandstand; construction of an additional 4 floors of car parking over the Marsa Park and Ride; construction of bridge between car park and race track; construction of childcare centre; construction of commercial development including Classes 4A and 4B; and other ancillary facilities to the racecourse. Il-Korsa taz-Zwiemel u l-Marsa Park and Ride, Triq it-Tigrija c/w Triq l-Iljun, Triq Aldo Moro, Marsa